High Power, Wide Input Brick Bus Converter

A high power, wide input range of VI BRICK™ Bus Converter is now available as a drop-in upgrade for industry standard 5:1 converters. Operating from a 36V to 60V input voltage range at power levels of up to 750W, achieving over 98% peak efficiency . Read press release.

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High-Speed Load Disconnect Switch Solutions

The Cool-Switch® PI2161 and PI2061, is the first in a new series of new electronic circuit breaker, load disconnect switch solutions. Suitable for high performance computing, telecom, and communications infrastructure applications, the products are designed with an emphasis on high performance operation, board space savings, and reduced design complexity. Read press release.

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Wide Input Range Brick Bus Converters

The IBC050 series of wide input range VI BRICK™ Bus Converters has been release. The new eighth and quarter bricks achieve up to 98% efficiency from a 36V to 60V input voltage range at power levels of up to 650W. Read press release

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New 650 W Quarter-Brick Bus Converters

Available now are quarter-brick modules in its IBC048 series of VI BRICK™ Bus Converters. The the new modules achieve up to 98% efficiency and expand upon the capabilities of recently announced IBC048 eighth brick modules. Read press release

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New High-efficiency MIL-COTS Bus Converter

Just introduced is a high-efficiency, non-regulated MIL-COTS BCM™ bus converter to complete a family of V•I Chip™ power components for airborne, naval and land-based applications. Operating from the typical 270VDC (230-330V) MIL-STD-704E/F power rail, with around ¼ inch low profile and ½ ounce weight. Read press release

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New 360 Micro-Ohm MOSFET for Low Voltage Power Applications

An industry-first MOSFET with “μΩ” on-state resistance is now available. Ideal for low voltage, high-current power path management applications, the new device combines the advantages of a very low on-state resistance with thermally enhanced LGA packaging. Read press release

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