View the Slides for the Stress-Free Safety Webinar Online

September 4, 2018

The slides for our recent webinar, Stress Free Electrical Safety for Power Engineers, are now available to view online. During the webinar David Bourner, a Senior Applications Engineer at Vicor, walked through a series of steps that help ensure your next design will pass safety certifications first time.

View the slides below to learn more about the following steps that will help take the stress out of safety certification:

  • Identify areas where isolation is required at system and component levels of design
  • Partition high-voltage from low-voltage circuits on circuit boards or other substrates
  • Adopt design rules for CAD layout that account for correct creepage and clearance spacings
  • Select Safety rated components for fusing, transient suppression and emissions control
  • Use a Certified Safety test facility for attaining the appropriate Safety Marks
  • Adopt ROUTINE levels of safety testing prior to shipping out the product

You can hear David Bourner share his experience of working with engineering teams to create power systems that are certified first time by viewing a recording of the full webinar, which is now available on demand.


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