Vicor to Keynote and Demonstrate at 2018 ODCC Summit

September 16, 2018

Learn about Advanced Three Phase to 48V and 48V Direct-to-Load Modular Power Solutions supporting Artificial Intelligence


Vicor will be participating at Open Data Center Committee (ODCC) Summit,  China’s leading datacenter event, in Beijing, China, on October 16th and 17th.

Robert Gendron, Vicor Corporate Vice President, will present on the Progression & Evolution of Power Technology within Cloud Data Centers , that outlines the increasing power demands of CPUs and the challenges presented  to data centers to maximize power delivery, efficiency and performance.

Vicor will also demonstrate at booth T07 the Vicor Three Phase to 48V and 48V Direct-to-Load power solutions and advanced cooling methods, like liquid and immersion cooling.

Power experts will be on-hand to answer questions and to discuss 48V distribution architectures critical for highly efficient advanced artificial intelligence (AI) processors


Power-on-Package will be on full display delivering over 1,000A peak current for advanced CPUs/GPUs. In addition, Vicor will show how the immediate integration of 48V systems can be used within existing 12V infrastructure is possible with the NBM converter. High efficiency ZVS Bucks providing 48V to 12V, 5V, 3.3V regulated power will also be demonstrated to support additional point of loads for a comprehensive 48V power system design.
Vicor will demonstrate a complete server rack power solution from three phase AC to 48V and 48V direct to PoL. The Vicor three phase AC to DC power module, RFM, addresses the increasing power needs of AI enabled server racks. The RFM was developed to take full advantage of advanced cooling methods with its high density and planarized packaged form factor.
Vicor has enabled high performance computing with advanced cooling systems that range from immersion to cold plate to air cooled. Also the Vicor Power-on-Package solution will be displayed operating in a two-phase 3M immersion cooling system increasing power delivery by over 30%. Vicor’s high density and planar packaging is uniquely suited for conventional and advanced cooling methods.
A keynote talk on The Progression & Evolution of Power Technology within Cloud Data Centers will highlight the increasing power demands within datacenters due to the intense growth of AI capability. This increase in power demand is changing conventional datacenter methods of power distribution, power conversion, and cooling practices.


About ODCC

ODCC BannerThe mission of ODCC is to create an open data center platform in China, promote the development and infrastructure standardization of Internet industry, and accelerate the process of Internet industrialization.

The ODCC Summit is co-sponsored by Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, China Telecom, China Mobile, CAICT and Intel.


Visit us at ODCC, Booth#: T07


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