Webinar Rebroadcast: Stress-Free Electrical Safety

July 9, 2018

Battery Webinar RebroadcastThe recent webinar, Stress-Free Electrical Safety, is now available to view on-demand. This valuable webinar explains the steps any power system designer can take to reduce the chances that their product will fail during safety certifications.

In the webinar, David Bourner a Senior Applications Engineer at Vicor, shares his experience of working with engineering teams to create power systems that are certified first time.  He covers several key topics, including:

  • How to segment your power system for safety
  • Grounding and different classes of equipment
  • Ensuring feedback doesn’t compromise isolation
  • Creepage and clearance distances
  • Selection of key components, including X and Y capacitors and fuses

If you are designing power systems, or are responsible for power development teams, view this webinar to learn steps that will help reduce the stress and eliminate the costs associated with failed test certifications.


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