Webinar Removes the Stress of Power System Safety Certifications

June 6, 2018

Vicor WebinarA stressful and painful re-design is the inevitable outcome of a power system failing safety certification. The need for remedial work to meet the required standards pressurizes the engineering team, delays the project and increases cost. Register now to attend the webinar Stress-Free Electrical Safety for Power Designers to learn design techniques that help ensure the power system is certified first time, reducing the stress associated with certifications.

The webinar takes a very practical approach, and is presented by Dave Bourner, a Senior Applications Engineer at Vicor who has many years of experience working with engineering teams to help them create power systems that are certified first time. He will share his knowledge on a wide range of safety-related topics, including the selection of X and Y capacitors, creepage, clearance and hi-pot testing.

The webinar will be held twice on Tuesday, 19 June so you can attend at a time to suit you:

If you can’t attend, please register and we will send you the link to the rebroadcast version as soon as it’s available.


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