NVIDIA HGX-2 Cloud-Server Platform Introduced at 2018 GTC Taiwan

The Vicor team was present at GTC Taiwan and witnessed the release of the new NVIDIA HGX-2 cloud server platform. The HGX-2 is targeted for hyperscale and HPC deployments versus the DGX-2 introduced at the San Jose GTC earlier this year. Within the pictures you can see the use of the SXM-3 GPU cards with our 48V Vicor Power-on-Package solution present.

Much like the NVIDIA DGX-2, the HGX-2 has 16 GPUs (versus only eight in the prior HGX). The HGX-2 can be considered a stripped down version of the DGX-2, allowing for integration into various HPC deployments. Part of the HGX-2 reduction from the DGX-2, is the absence of the AC-DC power supply, giving flexibility to Nvidia partners on how to integrate the HGX-2 into larger systems.

Integrating the HGX-2 system within a 48V server rack is ideal, maximizing efficiency by providing 48V directly to the Power-on-Package GPU power. However, integrating the HGX-2 within a legacy 12V infrastructure requires an additional conversion stage.

Vicor is addressing this need with the introduction of the Non-Isolated Bus Converter Module (NBM), providing 12V to 48V boost conversion with peak efficiencies of 98%. The NBM delivers 750W in a high density 27 x 17 x 7.5mm SM-ChiP package. The NBM is a complete, single-module solution that also provides low output impedance, low noise, and fast transient response. Therefore, now 48V systems can be easily and quickly adopted into 12V infrastructure thanks to the NBM, while maintaining high efficiency and minimum board area consumption.


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