Electronic Specifier Discusses the Importance of Power Packaging

June 5, 2018

Electronic Specifier PoP ArticleElectronic Specifier has recently published a couple of articles about the importance of packaging in power system design, focusing on the Vicor Power-on-Package technology. In an interview with Caroline Hayes, Henryk Dabrowski, VP Sales at Vicor, explains the increasing demand for high-performance, real-time computing in applications such as supercomputing, autonomous cars and high-end industrial applications. He explains how the Power-on-Package technology simplifies motherboard design and enables higher-performance processing for these applications.

The same title also published an article by Paul Yeaman, Director, Applications Engineering at Vicor, that describes Power-on-Package technology in more detail. This article explains the operation of the Modular Current Multiplier (MCM) and the MCM Driver Module (MCD), contrasting their performance with conventional voltage regulators

Learn more about Power-on-Package by reading Henryk Dabrowski’s interview and Paul Yeaman’s article.


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