Vicor’s Most Popular White Papers

May 9, 2018

white paper - practical emi control with power componentsVicor has written many different white papers and application notes to help power developers overcome their design challenges. Although it’s not surprising that EMI is the topic of the most popular white paper, our “Top 10” covers a very wide range of subjects.

The most popular white papers featured on the Vicor PowerBlog are:

1 Practical EMI Control in a Power Component Design Space
2 How Vicor Power Components Enable Power Averaging
3 A Novel Approach to Industrial Rectifier Systems
4 Reverse Mode Operation of Sine Amplitude Converters
5 Build Small, Lighter Power Systems by Eliminating Bulk Capacitance
6 Meet MIL Specifications While Solving SWaP-C Challenges with 270V Input Applications
7 How to Use Circuit Models in Thermal Calculations
8 Leveraging Bus Converters in Regulated DC-DC Applications
9 You Could be Designing More Power Chains!
10 Spec Changes Top the List of Power Design Challenges



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