World’s Most Powerful Artificial Intelligence Systems Announced at GTC 2018

NVidia AI System

NVIDIA DGX-2: The World’s Most Powerful AI System

At GTC 2018, the Vicor team was on hand to watch the announcement of the NVIDIA DGX-2, presented as the most powerful AI system to date. The DGX-2 uses 16 SXM3 GPU cards to provide two petaFLOPS of compute performance – 10X the deep learning performance vs. the original DGX – while consuming only 10kW of power. In the exhibit hall, the DGX-2 was on display along with the SXM3 cards, on which you can see Vicor’s latest Power-on-Package (PoP) solution along with our PI3526 ZVS Buck regulator. On March 6 we announced our 600A continuous current output PoP solution, enabling 48V direct to  XPU core voltage conversion.

Power-on-Package Solution Eliminates the Last Inch of Delivery

Power-on-Package is based on the Vicor Factorized Power Architecture (FPA), which has been deployed in various high performance computing systems, and was highlighted at the 2017 Open Compute Project US Summit. FPA enables 48V conversion direct to the processor with efficiencies and current delivery performance rivaling conventional 12V designs, but with power densities that are up to 2X higher. FPA-based power conversion and the Vicor SM-ChiP 3D packaging contribute to the high density of the PoP devices.

Vicor Power-on-Package Supplies the World's Most Powerful AI System

SXM3 Card: Vicor Power-on-Package Powering The World’s Most Powerful AI System

The high density power conversion solution is integrated into two modules – the Modular Current Multiplier (MCM) and Modular Current Multiplier Driver (MCD).  The compact size of the MCMs enables high current delivery to be placed on package or in close proximity to the processor die.  This further eliminates losses incurred by passing high current through the motherboard and socket. The MCM eliminates the “last inch” of processor power delivery which plagues conventional 12V designs. In doing so, it reduces power distribution losses and increases overall power efficiency.

Power-on-Package provides not only efficient power delivery to the processor by eliminating the “last inch”, but also enables efficient power delivery for an entire rack of processors by supporting a 48V input. Multiple high current processors placed in a server rack cannot be easily supported by distributing 12V without penalties in power loss and added material costs. With 48V distribution, the server rack benefits from reduced copper, reduced connector size, and higher power delivery efficiency compared to 12V distribution. 48V distribution enables datacenter racks to push past power limitations imposed by 12V racks (typically around 15kW per rack), enabling improvements in rack utilization. In addition to datacenter advantages, the Power-on-Package’s 48V input is also ideally suited for powering processors used within high performance collision avoidance automobiles and autonomous vehicles.

Enabling 48V GPU Systems to Operate in Legacy 12V Systems

GTC 2018Also at GTC, we launched our newest NBM product, which is a 12V to 48V non-isolated up converter supporting 48V high-performance GPUs in datacenters that are still relying on legacy 12V power distribution. The NBM converts 12V to 48V with over 98% peak efficiency, 750W continuous and 1kW peak power in a 23 x 17 x 7.4mm surface-mount SM-ChiP package. The NBM is a complete solution with no external input filter or bulk capacitors required, and the NBM incorporates hot-swap and inrush current limiting. By switching at 2MHz with a ZVS and ZCS topology, the NBM provides low output impedance and MHz fast transient response to dynamic loads.

It was a great show for all and we are proud to be a part of the DGX-2.

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