New 12V – 48V NBM Simplifies Move to 48V Power Distribution

March 27, 2018

We announced a new Non-Isolated Bus Converter Module (NBM) that converts 12V to 48V, delivering up to 750W with over 98% peak efficiency. This new power component enables integration of modern 48V components into systems using legacy 12V power distribution.

The NBM2317S14B5415T00 provides a high-density, high-efficiency solution with the performance necessary to support high-performance components, such as GPUs, that use Vicor 48V Power-on-Package technology. This NBM enables immediate integration of 48V GPUs into existing 12V datacenters.

The new NBM delivers outstanding power density with a 23x17x7.4mm surface-mount SM-ChiP package. It requires no external input filter nor bulk capacitors and offers built-in hot-swap and inrush current limiting. Fast transient response, enabling the NBM2317 to deal with the rapid changes in current demanded by modern GPUs, is enabled by its low-output impedance.

Learn more about the new NBM2317 on the Vicor website.

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