Vicor and 3M Demonstrate the Benefits of Liquid Immersion Cooling at OCP Summit

March 14, 2018

Vicor will partner with 3M to demonstrate this advanced datacenter cooling technique and its benefits at Open Compute Project Summit 2018. Some of the most advanced processors to date operate in immersion cooling, eliminating the thermal limitations of traditional air cooled systems.

Vicor will have on display its latest Power-on-Package solution for high performance CPUs/GPUs immersed in Fluorinert™, the 3M product designed for liquid immersion cooling and will highlight the power/thermal performance advantages.

What is liquid immersion cooling and how are datacenters using it?

Liquid immersion cooling is a practice by which electronic components are submerged in a thermally conductive dielectric liquid, like Fluorinert™, by 3M. Eliminating air cooling for immersion cooling enables higher performance, higher density, and a reduction in power usage effectiveness (PUE). Immersion cooling maintains power devices at a cooler operating temperature than typical air cooled systems. Lower operating temperatures can eliminate the need for heat sinks and increase system reliability.

“Most of our products are used in air cooled designs, but, the highest performing systems typically utilize immersion cooling,” said Robert Gendron, Corporate VP of Product Marketing Vicor. “Immersion cooling frees designs from conventional airflow limitations.”

See for yourself the power/thermal performance advantages of liquid immersion cooling at OCP Summit, March 20-21, 2018 at the San Jose Convention Center.

For press inquiries, to set up a meeting at one of the events or simply to learn more, please contact us at 800-927-9474.liquid immersion cooling

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