From the users – 5 Reasons to Use the Power System Designer

December 5, 2017

Vicor's Power System DesignerLike any company, we’re very enthusiastic about our products and the tools we develop to support them. We’re particularly excited about the Power System Designer online design tool, as it allows engineers to architect a complex solution by simply entering their system requirements. The Power System Designer then does the work, selecting the ideal components to meet those requirements and allowing detailed analysis of performance of the solution using the PowerBench Whiteboard.

One indication that the tool really does work well is that our applications engineers are all heavy users, frequently accessing the Power System Designer when they are working on solutions for our customers’ challenges. So, we like it, but what do our customers think? The following quotes are from customers who responded to a recent survey:


“A versatile tool that cut my development time in half!”

We developed the Power System Designer to help engineers reduce the time they spend architecting and analyzing their power chains. Although not everyone sees development time cut in half, we’re sure you will be able to create solutions faster using the tool.


“The power system designer tool allowed me, a chemical engineer, to configure a mil-spec DC-DC converter in less than 5 minutes.  Amazing!”

We designed the Power System Designer to be easy to use for engineers from all backgrounds.  It’s great to know that the tool is so easy to use that you absolutely don’t need to be a power expert to be able to create high-performance solutions.


“Changing parameters on the go and seeing results is very useful”

At the early stages of design, it’s often possible to trade-off parameters in the system. By allowing developers to see the impact of a change in requirements and analyze the impact, the Power System Designer can help you optimize your design at the system level and take advantage of flexibility at the earliest stages of development.


“The Power System tool is a good tool to use, because it does all the calculations for you.  You can enter your spec requirements and it outputs the type of Power supply and cost.  And you can also throttle the values to get the cost where you need to be at the budget you are given to design a power supply.  Great app.”

One of the great things about the Power System Designer is that it’s commercially aware. Not only can you optimize the electrical performance, but you can also select based on system cost as well as other factors such as size and component count. By going beyond selecting components, the tool ensures you meet all the requirements of your system: electrical, physical and commercial.

The benefits of being able to design to optimize cost can’t be underestimated. Another customer commented, “we have been trying to find a DC-DC converter with multiple outputs that fits into a tight space.  [One company] wants over $5000 for it, and another company wants $9000 for it.  the Vicor equivalent would be around $1500.”


“Main goal of this tool to how quickly you can analyze the design tolerance and this tool is so easy to analyze the design”

One of the great things about the Power System Designer is that it feeds results directly into the Vicor Whiteboard. This powerful tool allows detailed analysis of the electrical performance and space required for the chosen solution.


What are the issues with the Power System Designer? One of them is that not everyone is aware of the tool and its benefits. In fact, one engineer told us, “It is very nice to use and would have saved me more time had I known about it sooner.” So if you’ve not tried it, head over to  our web site to find out more, or open the Power System Designer and enter your system’s requirements now.

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