The Most Popular Blog Posts from 2017

December 1, 2017

It’s always interesting to see what topics are important to power engineers, and the traffic to our blog is a great indication of what matters to you. When we look at all the blog posts on our site, there are some general questions that engineers always want to be answered, and our top five blog posts reflect this:

1 What are Y-Capacitors?
An explanation of Y-Capacitors and how they are used to filter AC power inputs
2 What Does Power Factor Mean and Why Must We Correct it?
An explanation of why power factor is important in AC-DC applications
3 Zero Voltage Switching: What it is and Why it is Important for Buck Voltage Regulation
A description of this important regulator topology
4 Back to Basics: What is Active ORing?
A guide to this technique that ensures mutual protection when using redundant power supplies.
5 The Importance of Switching Frequency
An explanation of why switching frequency is such a major factor in the performance of switching converters

Perhaps more interesting, however, is the popularity of posts we’ve made this year. Although they reflect the interest in general topics, such as EMI, they also highlight the innovations that have grabbed attention.
Check out the complete top 10 blog posts from 2017 below:

1 A Simple Checklist to Make EMI Problems a Thing of the Past
A checklist to help prevent EMI issues. The post that let you download the checklist was the second most popular, so we’ve grouped them together.
2 How “Point of Load” VRs are no Longer at the Point of Load for CPUs and GPUs
A post that shows the challenges associated with delivering power to modern semiconductors.
3 Power-on-Package: Enabling Higher Performance in Artificial Intelligence Applications
This post describes the solution to the challenges outlined in the second most popular post.
4 New 48V Direct to Point of Load ZVS Buck Regulators offer Higher Output Currents
High output Buck Regulators that can convert 48V to PoL with high power density and efficiency.
5 Webinar Explains How to Meet DC-DC Power System Requirements in Defense Applications
Defense applications present challenging requirements. This post promoted a very popular webinar on the topic.
6 The Top Questions About EMI
Another EMI post, showing how this topic remains a challenge when developing power systems.
8 New Buck-Boost Regulator with Best-in-Class 8 – 60 V Wide Input Range
Power design isn’t just about outputs: the popularity of this post shows the important of voltage input range.
9 White Paper Explains How to Meet MIL Specifications and Solve SWaP-C Challenges
The second post about defense applications highlights the importance of power in this market.
10 White Paper Explains How to Meet Power Demands of Modern Automotive Systems
The popularity of this white paper is probably driven by the move from 12V towards 48V batteries in automotive.


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