The Top 10 Challenges for Power Engineers

November 25, 2017

Vicor recently asked power engineers to tell us about their biggest challenges, and we received answers from around the global highlighting the difficulties of delivering power solutions for modern applications. The top 10 challenges were:

  1. Changes in specifications during development
  2. Meeting cost targets
  3. Meeting EMI requirements
  4. Meeting project time schedules
  5. Implementing new technologies
  6. Availability of internal engineering resources
  7. Insufficient technical support from vendors
  8. Shrinking product life cycles
  9. Insufficient expertise in power design on project team
  10. Sourcing from multiple component vendors

It seems that power design presents what might be the widest range of challenges of any aspect of electronic engineering. The top three were completely different: the challenge of not being able to control changes to requirements; the commercial necessity to meet cost targets; and the technical requirement of managing EMI.

Perhaps, however, there is a connection: these issues reflect the inflexibility of the approaches that have been used to design power systems. Historically there has been a choice between buying a complete power supply – with its inherent inflexibility – or designing power systems at the discrete level, which is inherently complex and time consuming.

Today many engineers are adopting the Power Component Design Methodology: a new approach that allows them to overcome these challenges more easily. The approach also helps with many of the other challenges highlighted in the research: download the full report by completing the form below to learn more.



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