EDN Explains How to Meet the Power Demands of Battery-Supplied Automotive Electronics

June 5, 2017

EDN LogoEDN published an article by Travis Williams that explains how power engineers can overcome the challenge of Meeting the power demands of battery supplied automotive electronics. In his article, Travis describes how automotive electronic equipment has grown in complexity, and the contradictory requirement for engineers to minimize the size, weight and number of components needed in the power system.

The article describes how systems are moving towards 48V, which means engineers must develop systems today that support a mixed 12V and 48V environment. Typical battery characteristics, including the need to support a wide voltage range to ensure the maximum amount of battery charge is usable, are another important issue addressed.

The article is a valuable resource of ideas for anyone developing12V or 48V battery powered systems, and is of particular relevance to power system designers in the automotive sector. Click to read Meeting the power demands of battery supplied automotive electronics on EDN.com.

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