New BCM in a ChiP Package Delivers 384VDC-24VDC (K=1/16) Isolated Voltage Transformation

May 10, 2017

Today we announced a new BCM in a ChiP package, the BCM6123TD1E2663Txx, which converts from a nominal 384 VDC (260V to 410V) input to an isolated and Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) 24V secondary output. This high-density, high-efficiency, fixed ratio DC-DC converter module is the first in Vicor’s family of high voltage BCMs that provides a K=1/16 (384-24VNOM), expanding the existing range of K=1/8 (384-48VNOM) and K=1/32 (384-12VNOM) components.

HV BCM Family

HV BCM Family (click to enlarge)

Designed for industrial, telecom, and lighting applications, Vicor’s family of high voltage bus converters give system designers a simple and cost effective means to create common bus voltages of 12V, 24V, and 48V directly from 384 VDC.

High voltage BCMs achieve peak efficiencies of 98% and power densities up to 2400W/in³.  These flexible modules can be easily paralleled for high current applications, and outputs can be put in series to meet the demands of applications that need higher VOUT

High Voltage BCMsAll components in the high voltage BCM range are based on the patented Sine-Amplitude Converter topology, are offered with either analog or digital signal interface and have an operating temperature range of -40˚ to 100˚C. They are also all capable of bi-directional operation, allowing designers to incorporate this unique feature in new designs to enhance system functionality.

BCMs have a very low AC impedance relative to the downstream regulator, allowing designers to reduce the amount of bulk capacitance needed by placing a capacitor on the high-voltage input side of a BCM operating in forward mode, effectively ‘reflecting’ the capacitance across the module. With the new K=1/16 model, this means that 500 µF of 24V point-of-load capacitance can be effectively provided by 2 µF on the module’s primary side.

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