Webinar Explains How to Meet DC-DC Power System Requirements in Defense Applications

April 5, 2017

Vicor WebinarIn recent research that we conducted, engineers working in the defense sector were more likely to prioritize performance, to struggle to meet project timescales and to have problems meeting EMI requirements than those in other industries.

Perhaps this isn’t surprising, given that defense power systems design presents some of the most demanding requirements for electrical performance and environmental conditions, for example challenging voltage and temperature range requirements, suppression of large transients and mitigation of EMI. Many of these requirements are enforced by exacting standards that make compliance extremely challenging.

Our live webinar, Meeting DC-DC Power System Requirements in Defense Applications, explains how to overcome many of the challenges associated with defense power system design, drawing on Vicor’s 30 years of experience, supporting thousands of defense system designs.

During the webinar, Vamshi Domudala, a Vicor system application engineer, will explain standards that need to be met; layout techniques and filters that reduce noise; and how to benefit from power components that have been optimized for defense applications.

Webinar Timings

Register now at a time to suit you, and learn how to meet challenging defense system requirements:

Thursday, 4 May at 8am Boston, 1pm London, 2pm Berlin, 5:30pm Bangalore
Thursday, 4 May at 11am Boston, 8am San Francisco, 4pm London


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