How to Start a BCM in Reverse Mode in “DC Transformer” Applications

March 20, 2017

Reverse mode BCM Startup app notePower components, such as the Bus Converter Modules (BCMs) and Non-Isolated Bus Converters (NBMs) can be used as bi-directional devices, stepping the voltage up or down depending on the direction of energy flow. This technique has been covered in the on-demand bi-directional power system design webinar, and the series of posts written by Harry Vig, the presenter, about using bi-directional components as “DC transformers”.

NBMs are particularly easy to use, as they can be operated in forward or reverse mode without any additional circuitry, and can even be analyzed using the PowerBench Whiteboard. If your application needs isolation, you will need a BCM, which can require additional circuitry.

To maintain isolation, the BCM can only startup if it’s powered on the primary (high voltage) side. When the system starts with power on the secondary (low voltage) side, however, all that’s needed is a low-cost circuit that sends a stream of charge packets to the primary side. This approach, and the circuit required, is explained in our latest application note.

To download a copy of “HV ChiP BCM® Reverse Start Up Circuit” and find out how to use a BCM as a DC transformer that can start with power on either side of the component, simply complete the form below.


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