A Custom Power Component in Just Two Minutes

March 1, 2017

Despite the wide range of power components that we offer, sometimes an off-the-shelf device doesn’t quite meet the application’s requirement. Fortunately, Vicor offers a customization capability for a number of products, including the PRM.

Creating a custom PRM is simple: in fact, it takes just two minutes to specify your custom power component and place an order.

Vicor PowerBench Menu

Opening the Configurator on Vicorpower.com (click to enlarge)

To start designing your custom PRM, choose “Configurators” from the PowerBench suite of online tools.

Select Custom PRM

Selecting Custom PRM (click to enlarge)

We’re going to create a custom PRM, so that’s the option we select.

Select PRM Platform

Select PRM Platform (click to enlarge)

This opens up a configuration screen that lets you choose the PRM platform on which to build your custom power component.

Set Input Parameters for Custom PRM

Set the Input Parameters for the Custom PRM (click to enlarge)

For this example, we’ll choose a narrow input range. When we select the platform, the boxes defining the input characteristics are automatically filled with default values. Simply click on the box to change the value to meet your application’s requirements.

Set the Output Parameters for the Custom PRM

Set the Output Parameters for the Custom PRM (click to enlarge)

The nest stage is to specify the outputs. Again the configurator automatically inserts defaults. In our example below, we’ve chosen a Vout set point of 36.0 V, rather than the default of 48 V

Setting Packaging and Power for Custom PRM

Setting Packaging and Power for Custom PRM (click to enlarge)

The system is intelligent, so there is no need to enter anything for overvoltage limit as we’ve chosen to allow a maximum trim of 55 V (the maximum output voltage).
The next step is to decide the package (full or half ChiP), the maximum load current, pin style and product temperature grade. Simply select the appropriate options and enter the load current, or leave it at the maximum value.

Price and Lead Times for Custom PRM

Price and Lead Times for Custom PRM (click to enlarge)

If you want to understand the performance of your custom PRM, click simulate, which will take you to the PowerBench simulator. Once you are happy that it will meet your requirements, another click will provide you with a part number for the custom device, as well as price and delivery lead times.

If you’re not sure whether the PRM you’ve created is right for your system, or you want to experiment with more than one design, it’s easy to save your PRM with a single click. The system also generates a full data sheet for your custom PRM, which provides the same comprehensive information that you would get with a standard product.

Typically prototypes will ship in a couple of weeks. You can even order an evaluation board, which will generally take around a month to create. And the best thing about these custom PRMs? No NRE, and a minimum order quantity of just a handful of components.

Why not design your own custom PRM today? Click here to access the PowerBench online tools and see what you can create in just two minutes!

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