DC-DC Converter Range Extended with Two New DCMs in a ChiP Package

February 16, 2017

Following on from the introduction of new DCMs in VIA packages earlier this month, today we announced two new DCMs in a ChiP package.

These wide input range, isolated, regulated DC-DC converters are flexible power components that are ideal for applications including UAV, ground radar, transportation and industrial controls. The two new products are:

Two new DCMs in ChiP packaging

New DCMs in ChiP Packaging (highlighted in green)

  • 30 V nominal input module (9 – 50 V range) in a 3623 ChiP package (38.72 mm x 22.8 mm x 7.26 mm). This converter has an output voltage of 15 V with a maximum power of 160W, equating to a power density of 404 W/in3.
  • 275 V nominal input modules (120 – 420 V) with a 24 V output. This device delivers 375 W in a 4623 ChiP package (47.91 mm x 22.8 mm x 7.26 mm), achieving a power density of 775 W/in3

With its high frequency zero-voltage switching (ZVS) topology, the DCM converter consistently delivers high efficiency across the input line range. Modular DCM converters and downstream DC-DC power components support efficient power distribution, providing superior power system performance and connectivity from a variety of unregulated power sources to the point-of-load.

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