The Most Popular Blog Posts in 2016

December 20, 2016

What were the most important topics for power developers in 2016? To find out, we’ve put together a league table of the 10 most popular posts on the PowerBlog in the last year.

It’s interesting to see that some topics never go out of fashion. In particular, fundamental issues such as power factor, converter topology and EMI are topics that appear in the top 10 almost every year.

This year, however, we saw some new topics grab the attention of the power industry, particularly the bi-directional capability of many of our power components and the new approach to handling pulsed loads, power averaging.

Check out the complete top 10 blog posts below:


1 What are Y-Capacitors?
An explanation of Y-Capacitors and how they are used to filter AC power inputs
2 What Does Power Factor Mean and Why Must We Correct it?
An explanation of why power factor is important in AC-DC applications
3 Zero Voltage Switching: What it is and Why it is Important for Buck Voltage Regulation
A description of this important regulator topology
4 The Importance of Switching Frequency
An explanation of why switching frequency is such a major factor in the performance of switching converters
5 Practical Techniques to Control EMI when Designing with Power Components
A white paper that helps designs using power components control EMI and pass certification
6 Paralleling Power Components for Current Sharing
How to parallel power components to deliver higher currents to the load
8 Reverse mode operation of SACs
A white paper that explains how the Sine Amplitude Converter can operate in forward and reverse directions
9 Bi-Directional Components Enable Easy System Upgrades
Delivering more power using the same cabling and higher voltages
10 Power Averaging Cuts Size and Cost for Pulsed Loads
A white paper that describes the power averaging technique using power components.


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