On-Demand Webinar Makes Worrying About EMI a Thing of the Past

December 12, 2016

Webinar Make EMI a Thing of the PastDavid Bourner, an experienced senior applications engineer, explains how to take some of the stress and worry out of power system development in his webinar “Simple Ideas to Make EMI Issues a Thing of the Past”.

The consequences of poor design may not show up until compliance testing, which makes this a particularly stressful time as failure may require expensive and time-consuming redesign work to be carried out. Fortunately, the things engineers need to do if they want to reduce the chance of EMI issues causing problems during compliance testing are simple and straightforward.

During the webinar, David Bourner, a senior applications engineer describes:

  • The causes of EMI issues in power systems
  • The impact of the switching topology
  • Principles of controlling conducted (CE) and radiated emissions (RE)
  • A checklist to ensure you address EMI during the design process

Stop worrying about EMI compliance testing, and watch this webinar today to make EMI issues a thing of the past.

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