DC-DC Converter Family Expands with Seven New DCMs in a ChiP Package

December 6, 2016

We’ve added seven new DCMs in a ChiP package to our broad portfolio of DC-DC Converter Modules.

Vicor ChiP DCM Family

Vicor DCM in ChiP Package Family. New Devices Highlighted in Green (click to enlarge)

Four of these new power components have a nominal 30 V input (9-50 V range) and offer outputs of 5, 24, 28, and 48 V at power levels of up to 160 W. These devices are housed in a 3623 ChiP package (38.72 mm x 22.8 mm x 7.26 mm) and achieve power density of up to 404 W/in3. Also available in the same 3623 ChiP package is a new 28 V input (16-50 V range) module with a 3.3 V output at 120 W.

We have also released two new DCMs designed for High Voltage DC (HVDC) power distribution applications. A 275 V (120-420 V) nominal input module proves a 12 V output at 375 W module in a 4623 ChiP package (47.91 x 22.8 x 7.26 mm), and a 270 V input (160-420 V range) module in a the same package delivers 48 V at 500 W, achieving a power density of 1,014 W/in3.

The DCM in a ChiP package is an isolated, regulated DC-DC converter, operating from an unregulated, wide range input to generate an isolated DC output. With its high frequency zero voltage switching (ZVS) topology, the DCM converter consistently delivers high efficiency across the input line range.  Modular DCM converters and downstream DC-DC products support efficient power distribution, providing superior power system performance and connectivity from a variety of unregulated power sources to the point-of-load.

The DCM is a flexible power component and these new devices are ideal for a wide variety of applications, including UAV, ground vehicle, radar, transportation and industrial controls.

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