Bodo’s Power Explains How to Take the Fast Track when Designing Complex Power Systems

November 10, 2016

Bodos Power Systems LogoThe latest issue of Bodo’s Power features “A Fast Track to Complex Power System Designs”, an article by Arthur Jordan that explains how new power semiconductor technologies have enabled innovations in power conversion architectures.

In the article, Arthur, an applications engineer at Vicor, explains how new power components enable a modular approach to power systems design, and how this changes the approach of power developers, stating:

For the power engineer, the question becomes less, “can I achieve the necessary power provision?” and much more, “how do I determine the optimal solution for my power design, given the comprehensive array of options?”

The article then discusses the Power Component Design Methodology: a better way of architecting power chains. It goes on to describe the tools available that allow engineers to take advantage of the higher performance available using this approach, while simultaneously reducing the work and time required during design and development.

Read “A Fast Track to Complex Power System Designs” to learn how to take advantage of new power component technology to create solutions that meet the needs of the most demanding applications.

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