On-Demand Power Averaging Webinar Shows a Better Approach for Pulsed Loads

October 4, 2016

Pulsed Power Webinar - Power AveragingIf you are developing power systems for intermittent or pulsed loads and missed our recent webinar, “Maximum Load: The Wrong Specification for Pulsed Power, you’ll be pleased to hear that a recording of the webinar is now available to watch on demand.

In this webinar, Dave Berry, a principal applications engineer at Vicor, explains why most power supplies need to be sized based upon the maximum power demanded by the load, even though it adds size, weight and cost to the system.

He then explains the technique of power averaging, which allows power systemsto be sized based on the average power requirement, delivering many benefits. The webinar describes how this technique can be implemented in real-world applications and explains the characteristics that power components need in order to enable this approach.

If you are designing power systems for intermittent loads, watch “Maximum Load: The Wrong Specification for Pulsed Power” to improve the performance of your next design.

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