Power Averaging Webinar Shows Why Peak Power is the Wrong Metric

September 2, 2016

Vicor WebinarMany modern electronic systems are pulsed loads: applications such as radars, pulsed amplifiers and flashing LED lights draw high power for short periods of time. Pulsed load power systems are typically designed around the peak requirement of the load. This is inefficient, wastes money and leads to unnecessarily large and heavy power systems.

Using a smaller conventional power supply with a large output capacitor is a risky approach, as it can cause a current limit condition on every pulse, overloading the supply, which can reduce system reliability and potentially cause a catastrophic failure.

Register now to learn more about power averaging, a new technique using Vicor power components that allows the current peaks to be delivered reliably without the need for external protection circuitry.

Webinar Times

The webinar will be broadcast live in English, Russian and German:


The webinar attendees will learn:

  • Why conventional supply output must match the load’s peak requirement
  • How power averaging reduces cost and size
  • Power system optimization using power averaging in real systems


Register to attend the webinar Maximum Load: the Wrong Specification for Pulsed Power, and learn how to build smaller, lower-cost power systems for pulsed loads. If you can’t attend, please register to ensure you are the first to know when this webinar is available on demand.



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