EDN Reviews the Power System Designer

September 1, 2016

EDN LogoWe’ve talked about the benefits of using our Power System Designer several times on the blog, but it was great to see an independent review of the Power System Designer on the EDN website.

Respected power journalist, Steve Taranovich, walks through a power system design he created, showing how the Power System Designer can be used to develop a complete AC-DC or DC-DC power chain in just minutes, and he comments that:

“What I really like about this Vicor tool is that it designs and optimizes the entire system, instead of breaking the power system into two parts, the Front End and Point of Load (POL), and treating them individually. I got to my final solution in just minutes, which really impressed me… I highly recommend these tools for circuit designers who want to maximize their time.”

Read the article to learn more about Steve’s experience with the Power System Designer, or try the tool for yourself.

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