New Buck-Boost Regulators Deliver Performance and Ease-of-Use

September 21, 2016

Today we introduced two new Cool-Power ZVS Buck-Boost Regulators, which deliver up to 150 Watts from a 21-60 V input, making them ideal for a wide range of demanding applications including automotive, industrial, test, automation, lighting, battery regulation, and telecom applications.

Vicor Cool Power ZVS Buck Boost RegulatorsUnlike conventional hard-switching buck-boost regulators, which are handicapped by switching losses and exhibit conversion efficiency degradation when operating from a higher voltage input source with extended dynamic range, these components use Vicor’s proprietary zero voltage switching (ZVS) technology, enabling the best-in-class efficiency to be maintained over the specified input voltage range. This allows the new regulators to deliver up to 150 Watts, or up to 5.7 A, at 97% efficiency.

Power developers using these new buck-boost regulators benefit from high power density and a fast dynamic response to line and load transients, a result of the high switching frequency at which the ZVS technology operates.

In many applications, the supply or battery voltages can vary considerably. The wide input voltage range of 21 ‑ 60 VDC allows engineers to accommodate large supply voltage variations, allowing, for example, battery-powered applications to continue functioning even as the battery voltage falls when its charge is depleted.

Simplifying Design

These regulators are engineered and optimized as a complete solution, simplifying power chain design. They require only minimal external components to form a complete high performance regulator. The high density, thermally adept, 10mm x 14mm x 2.5mm System-in-Package (SiP) takes little board real estate, simplifying layout and reducing the area needed for the power system. The wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 125°C allows them to be deployed in harsh environments, making it easier to meet demanding environmental requirements.

Our online suite of design, system analysis and simulation tools are fully compatible with these new regulators, enabling users to quickly and economically configure high-density, high-performance and highly reliable power systems for accelerated time to market.

In addition to a ZVS controller, power switches and support circuitry, these regulators feature:

  • Single wire current sharing for parallel operation
  • An integrated current monitoring amplifier and a user-configurable high bandwidth differential amplifier
  • Over/under-voltage, over-temperature, and over-current protection
  • Options to enable bidirectional synchronization

There is a choice of user-definable outputs in the range of 21 – 36 VDC (PI3741‑00) or 36 – 54 VDC (PI3741‑01).

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