World Class Products Demand World Class Manufacturing

Sometime in the future people may wonder what came first, “World Class Design, World Class Products or World Class Manufacturing”.  At Vicor we answer on a routine basis by saying, “All of them!”

Designers have to think out of the box to develop products that are at the cutting edge of technology, cost effective to manufacture and provide more value to the customer than other solutions.  They also have to count on a production process that has the ability to turn their designs into volume reality.

Vicor World Class Manufacturing - Inspecting VIA PackagesDesign for Manufacturing (DFM) is a process used to ensure new products can be produced at target cost, quality and the volumes our customers demand.  Everything needs to be right if the project is worth pursuing: this is what we call World Class Synergy.

Vicor’s VIA Packaging Technology is a very good example of World Class Synergy.  This sleek new platform was designed to meet the needs of a variety of applications requiring varying lengths from 72.05 to 141.37 millimeters and universal inputs that can handle anything from 85 to 264 VAC.  To make the idea of VIA Packaging Technology a reality, electronics needed to be designed to fit in a package that customers desired, housings needed to be developed in a variety of sizes and shapes, connectivity options needed to be established to suit customer needs and a finally a production line needed to be constructed to produce the product.

When companies think about World Class from product design to delivery, they have to think big.  Challenges aren’t roadblocks, they are opportunities to develop a path to a solution. World Class doesn’t begin and end on the production floor; invention is required from the product design stage through to the development of the manufacturing line where the products will be manufactured.

If you’re in the area, stop by to see our VIA production line where World Class Synergy has brought form, fit and function together to produce a World Class product that we are all very excited about!


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