The Most Popular New Blogs in the Last Year

July 29, 2016

Power system design is one of the most exciting areas of technology, with many new innovations. We’ve looked back to find out which of the blog posts from the last 12 months have interested power developers. Check out our list of the top 10 “hot topics” in power design.

1 White Paper Explains How to Reduce Power System Size by Eliminating Bulk Capacitance
Our popular guide to using FPA to eliminate bulk capacitors
2 7 Ways to Shrink Your Power System
Common techniques to help you increase power density
3 New High Density AC-DC Front-End Modules in VIA Packaging
The new PFM in VIA Packaging enables compact AC-DC power conversion
4 Designing Parallel Arrays of DCMs for High-Power Applications
It’s easy to meet demanding requirement by paralleling DCMs. Find out how.
5 DCMs Now Available in Rugged Chassis-Mount VIA Packaging
The announcement of the availability of flexible DC-DC Converters in VIA Packaging
6 What’s the Opposite of Derating?
The output of DCMs can exceed output power ratings as long as current is within limits
7 Why Engineers Need a Non-Isolated Bus Converter (NBM)
Interview explains why Vicor introduced a new category of power components
8 How Do You Decide the Best Power Chain for Your Application?
A description of the key figures of merit that drive the Power System Designer tool
9 I Clicked the Mouse Four Times and an AC-DC Power System Design Appeared
You can do it too by using our Power System Designer online tool.
10 Avoiding Hot Spots in LED Applications
A guide to eliminating the variations in intensity and wavelength caused by heat


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