Isolated DC-DC ChiP DCM Converters can be Customized to Meet Unique Application Requirements

Vicor ChiP DCMsThe exciting new DCM in a ChiP package from Vicor provides the highest power density, isolated, regulated DC-DC converters available today.  These products assist power system engineers that need to minimize the size and weight of their power systems.  DCM ChiPs provide more than twice the power density of conventional brick based solutions; that’s up to 1,244 W/in3 (76 W/cm3) of power density in a through hole board mountable package. Vicor’s Double Clamp ZVS topology enables this industry leading level of power density with over 93% efficiency, wide input ranges, and availability in a broad range of target market families. DCMs ChiPs can be easily arrayed without derating to achieve up to 4.8 kW of power conversion. Unlike the competition which offers bulk power conversion in heavy brick packages, these lightweight (1oz or less) converters can do the same job in less space.

But even with this new product offering, one size does not always fit all.  In fact many applications have unique requirements that are not satisfied by standard product offerings.  Often times the power supply is one of the last considerations in a design and distinct application demands must be met.  At times like these a more customized Vicor DCM in a ChiP package solution may be the answer.

While an online user defined capability for ChiP DCMs, similar to the CMDS user defined configurator for Maxi/Mini/Micro modules, is currently in the works, Vicor has the capability to design these today!  Vicor’s experienced engineering team can evaluate the most challenging requirements – such as unique input/output voltages and power levels – and determine feasibility within just a few days.  This capability has the promise to solve many unique applications with modest NRE and opportunity requirements, fast design cycles, and standard production lead-times.  This can prove to be a lifesaver by resolving difficult application requirements, resource limitations and project schedule demands.

Vicor’s design and manufacturing process has proven to be the industry leader over the past thirty years, resulting in a vast offering of standard DC-DC converter modules.  This experience and CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) process enables the capability for unique DCMs to be designed, qualified, and manufactured with the quality, price and delivery expected for standard products.  Reliability is built into the design and manufacturing process, custom DCM ChiPs are built on the same production line and meet the design criteria, qualification requirements, and robustness as Vicor’s standard products.

If a standard product offering will not meet your application requirements or project schedule, consider a customized DCM in a ChiP package by contacting Vicor today!

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