A Flexible Approach to Custom VITA 62 Power Systems

To keep costs down, older aircraft are being upgraded with new capabilities and systems. These increasing payloads and new avionics typically require more power than was originally available, so new power supplies are needed. The problem is that the space available for these new power supplies is limited because of the additional equipment; therefore, the power supplies that support these systems have to be smaller than previously used. Major companies in the MIL Aerospace arena have historically been meeting this challenge by procuring bespoke power supplies that, given the nature of the application, are tailored to a particular set of specifications. These supplies are in a word – unique. As such, they are difficult to be leveraged across platforms and systems. This scenario has created logistical and cost pressures that have become untenable.

Enter VITA 62

VITA 62 defines power modules using the standard VPX 3U/6U form factor and complies to the requirements defined in VITA 48.0. It includes utility functionality such as N+1 failover, VBAT and 50ms holdup. This standard has become popular as a family of products “suitable for ruggedized use”. Large aircraft companies have rallied around this industry standard. This standard provides a common mechanical platform for a power supply that offers power density and robustness – allowing for potential use with many avionic systems, as opposed to the old “unique” supply approach. Ground based and Shipboard based manufacturers have also recognized the benefits VPX offers and are moving to adopt this approach as well.

One problem with this approach is even though the form factor is common; the electrical specifics can vary depending upon the need. What is required is a VITA 62 form factor that offers the electrical FLEXIBILITY to be configured differently within the envelope allowed.

Custom VITA 62 Power Systems

example vita 62 architecture

Figure 1 – Example VITA 62 Architecture (click to enlarge)

The Vicor Custom Power (VCP) groups, using the Power Component Design approach, have designed such an electrically flexible supply. An example of the internal electrical devices is shown in Figure 1.

By using the power component design methodology, VCP designs-in flexibility. Need a different voltage rail? No problem – change the component as they are all the same footprint and pin out. Need more power? Add more components.

For more information, or to see the latest in specialized, highly integrated power sources to meet your needs, see the Vicor Custom section of our website, or contact your local sales representative.


Thanks to my co-authors, Jim Russell and Dan Morgan

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2 Responses to:
A Flexible Approach to Custom VITA 62 Power Systems

  1. Bob levine on August 27, 2016 at 2:09 PM

    Are you sure V62 includes 50ms hold time? I think that’s a 704 issue and not required by V62

    • Webmaster on August 30, 2016 at 1:07 PM

      You are technically correct. Vita 62 is an outgrowth of the old vme standard. It is primarily a form factor standard with a suite of output voltages and power requirements. The voltages and currents as well as other needs vary depending upon the application but keeping within the defined form factor. As VITA 62 has been widely adopted by Military airborne applications MIL-STD-704x is almost always called out and hence the need for the 50mS holdup.

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