White Paper Describes Reverse Mode Operation of SACs

June 27, 2016

reverse mode sac white paperThe Sine Amplitude Converter (SAC) is a resonant topology that can be used to create a near-ideal “DC power transformer”. It uses a fixed transformation ratio, K, between the high and low voltage sides, offers a constant power capability and is available with and without isolation.

This white paper describes the three new operational modes, in addition to the conventional forward mode, that take advantage of the of the SAC’s bi-directional capabilities: reverse, mirror and bi-directional.

The paper evaluates the performance of the BCM, an isolated power component based on the SAC topology, in reverse mode, describing how the inrush current can be analysed. It also covers some of the key applications that benefit from the BCM’s bi-directional capabilities.

Download this white paper today to learn more about the operation and uses of bi-directional converters.

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