White Paper Describes Practical Techniques to Control EMI when Designing with Power Components

June 22, 2016

white paper - practical emi control with power componentsThe control of EMI within switched mode power systems is a perennial challenge. This white paper explains how to control conducted emissions in real-world applications.

Although there are significant noise reductions to be had using resonant topologies, such as those found in Vicor’s power components, when designing a switched-mode power supply (SMPS), no converter is ever noise-free. Applying power components in an appropriate way, however, can help to achieve compliance with CE engineering standards and prevent unforeseen, costly delays in bringing products to market.

This white paper describes:

  • A model for a typical power component
  • How to apply the model when designing a power chain
  • An effective noise control development strategy
  • The design of noise control assessments

Download this white paper to help ensure your next design achieves noise compliance first time.

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