Sometimes it Pays to Keep it Simple

June 22, 2016

Power System Designer Solution SearchThe Power System Designer is an amazing tool for developing complex power chains based on our power components. But sometimes you just want to find one device to perform a specific power conversion function, rather than go through the process of developing alternative solutions, even if it does take little more than a minute.

Whether you are just researching alternative components for a particular part of your system, or have a simple requirement that can be performed using a single device, the Power System Designer offers a helpful “search for solutions” option.

When searching for solutions, rather than searching for a system, the Power System Designer finds all Vicor products matching the specification you provide. It then gives you the flexibility to filter the results based on criteria such as form factor, mounting style, package, temperature range, regulation type and many other parameters. You can also sort based on a number of different parameters and export to Excel for further analysis, allowing you to determine the best fit for your system.

If you want to do further analysis of the component, the Power System Designer will also highlight which products can be placed on the PowerBench Whiteboard, whether the device can be configured and even let you purchase samples direct from the results page.

The Power System Designer makes it quick and easy to find the part you need, so why not try the search for solutions option today?

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