Learn about “DC Power Transformers” with our Bi-Directional Power Webinar Rebroadcast

June 17, 2016

bi-directional power design webinarImagine what you could do if transformers work with DC power. Watch this on-demand webinar rebroadcast to learn about power components that allow DC energy to flow in both directions, stepping voltages up and down just like an AC transformer.

Bi-directional energy flow enables a range of techniques such as energy harvesting, dynamic energy storage and higher transmission voltages to deliver higher efficiency and better performance to a wide variety of applications. Recently introduced bi-directional DC-DC power components change everything. By acting as if they were DC power transformers, the components eliminate the need for back-to-back converters that are switched in and out, increasing efficiency, reducing size and improving power density.

Our on-demand webinar will discuss how you can:

  • Design for bi-directional DC-DC power flow
  • Implement energy saving and harvesting techniques
  • Use batteries as a dynamic storage element
  • Power remote loads using higher voltages
  • Use DC power transformers to simplify power system design

Click here to view Enabling Bi-Directional Energy Flow Using DC Power Transformers, presented by Harry Vig, one of our principal applications engineers, at any time.

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