Bi-Directional Power Webinars in French, German, Italian and Russian

June 10, 2016

Vicor WebinarOur Enabling Bi-Directional Energy Flow Using DC Power Transformers webinar will be presented in four additional languages in June. Click below to register to attend the webinar in your preferred language:

  • RUSSIAN: Monday, 27 June at 9.00am CEST, 10.00am MSK
  • GERMAN: Tuesday, 28 June at 10.00am CEST
  • FRENCH: Wednesday, 29 June at 10.00am CEST
  • ITALIAN: Thursday, 30 June at 10.00am CEST


This informative webinar explains how engineers can keep up with the continually increasing demands for higher performance and more efficiency by using power components that act as if they were DC transformers, stepping voltages up and down as they allow energy to flow in both directions.

This webinar explains how to increase efficiency in your application by:

  • Designing for bi-directional DC-DC power flow
  • Implementing energy saving and harvesting techniques
  • Using batteries as a dynamic storage element
  • Powering remote loads using higher voltages
  • Using DC power transformers to simplify power system design


Register today to learn more about bi-directional power system design in Russian, German, French or Italian

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