Webinar Shows How Bi-Directional Power Flow Can Enhance Your System

May 24, 2016

Vicor WebinarThe demands on power engineers to deliver higher performance, particularly improved efficiency, require new approaches to system design. To achieve these goals, techniques such as energy harvesting, dynamic energy storage and higher transmission voltages are being employed in a wide variety of applications.

Most systems are DC, which means that the AC power transformer, that simple but incredibly effective bi-directional device that steps voltages up and down, isn’t available. Traditionally allowing bi-directional DC-DC power flow meant using back-to-back converters that are switched in and out, increasing cost, decreasing power density and reducing efficiency.

Recently introduced bi-directional DC-DC power components change everything. These new components, act as if they were DC power transformers, stepping voltages up and down while allowing energy to flow in both directions.

Listen to our webinar to find out how you can improve the efficiency of your application by:

  • Designing for bi-directional DC-DC power flow
  • Implementing energy saving and harvesting techniques
  • Using batteries as a dynamic storage element
  • Powering remote loads using higher voltages
  • Using DC power transformers to simplify power system design

Book your place today to attend our webinar on 9th June at a time to suit you:

Thursday, 9 June at 8am Eastern, 1pm UK, 2pm Munich, 5:30pm India
Thursday, 9 June at 11am Eastern, 8am Pacific, 4pm UK, 5pm Munich

If you can’t attend, please register to ensure you are the first to know when this webinar is available on demand.

French, German, Italian and Russian Presentations of this Bi-Directional Webinar

The live broadcast of this webinar in English is over, but we will be presenting our bi-directional webinar in French, German, Italian and Russian towards the end of June 2016.

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