Why Custom Power?

If you are like me, you are responsible for multiple programs running concurrently, with varying degrees of complexity and a tight schedule. You stress over the details and lose sleep worrying about how you can possibly get everything done in time. You think you have everything under control and then, at around 3:14am, you realize you haven’t considered how you are going to power these things and where this power is going to be placed within the system. It was the last thing on your mind!

You just don’t have time to wade through all the different options, choose the power components, lay out a PCB, design an enclosure for it then cool the darn thing, and deal with your purchasing department to place orders for all the needed stuff. Oh – and by the way – you need to meet a variety of certifying agency standards for both safety and emissions!  Then you remember your boss wants daily updates on your progress.

All you want at this point is for someone to take all your power problems and make them go away.


Example Products from Vicor Custom PowerVicor Custom Power has your back! Our role is to make you successful by doing the power portion of your design for you – to your specifications. Don’t have a specification? No problem – we will work with you to define one.

In the 20 years since the inception of Vicor Custom Power we have gained the experience and technical expertise to design a power system for the most demanding applications. We know where the pitfalls are and how to overcome them because we have done it – repeatedly. Use our experience and knowledge to your advantage.

Find out more at www.vicorpower.com/custom. Or, if you’ve already got a project that is keeping you awake, request a call back. We look forward to helping you rest easy.

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