Take the 90 Second Challenge: Design a Complete Power Chain in Less than 1 ½ Minutes

May 17, 2016

Take Vicor's 90 Second Challenge

Designing power systems is a tough, time-consuming job, which has typically required a lot of manual calculations and research. Our new Power System Designer, however, changes everything as it’s the first tool to find complete multiple-output power chain solutions from AC to the Point-of-Load.

This tool is fast. In fact, we’re confident that this tool will speed up the initial stages of product development so dramatically that you will have your first power chain design mapped out in less than 90 seconds.

We are asking engineers to take the 90 second challenge. Simple open the Power System Designer, enter the parameters for your system and then select the option that best meets your needs using the most appropriate metric (efficiency, price, component count, footprint and our assessment of overall best fit). The tool will then present you with a complete power chain for you to analyze and optimize.

Is it really that simple? Take the 90 second challenge today and find out for yourself how easy it can be to create high-efficiency, high-density power system designs.

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