The PFM and AIM Meet Height Constraints of PBX Application

May 27, 2016
Low Profile AC-DC Solution Using PFM and AIM

Low Profile AC-DC Solution Using PFM and AIM
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The PowerBlog has covered the benefits of the low profile packaging we offer for our range of power components, and recently they came to the rescue of a customer who needed to retrofit the power system of an existing PBX design. Our senior applications engineer, Patrick Kowalyk, who helped the customer overcome their design challenges, explains:


What did your customer need to achieve?

Although many new designs have space restrictions, this project was a particular challenge as it required an existing PBX to be retrofitted with a new power system. Previously the equipment had been powered from a 48V distribution bus, but now there was a requirement to support AC main input.

Typically, an AC solution is much larger than the space required to deliver the same power from 48 V, so I knew immediately we would have a challenge on our hands!


Were there any other design constraints?

Definitely! PBX systems usually provide some additional challenges, which are caused by the space between the cards being highly restricted to maximise the number of lines that are supported.  Although this system would be located inside buildings, which is a benign space compared to many other locations in which our power components are used, the amount of electronics packed in such tight spaces means that when the system is shut away in an enclosed cupboard, temperatures can reach as high as 50°C.


Which components did you use for the solution?

Timing is everything, and it was fortuitous for the customer that the PFM and AIM had been launched at the time of their redesign. The VIA packaging technology is only 9mm thin, and made it possible to locate the AC-DC supply right on the system board.

Even with the ultra-low profile of the PFM and AIM we found it challenging! But it finally fit: just as well as there isn’t another option because the PFM is the lowest profile AC-DC solution on the market.


Were there any other benefits to using the PFM and AIM?

The solution was particularly desirable as the PFM outputs an isolated SELV 48V output bus, direct from the AC input, and the AIM is a simple solution for power factor correction and filtering, which integrates the common mode chokes and enabled the PBX to meet Class B filtering requirements.

The conduction cooling capability of the VIA packaging also made it easy to integrate into the system, significantly simplifying the thermal design.


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