New Features for Power System Designer Cut Development Timescales

May 13, 2016

Vicor's Power System DesignerThe Power System Designer is a great tool for power developers. Since its launch last year, many engineers have benefited from the ability to develop flexible power chains in significantly less time.

Traditional tools require the designer to figure out the right combination of Front End and Point of Load power trains separately, compromising power density. These tools typically also fail to deal with the complexities of discrete power circuit layout, thermal management, packaging and cost.

The new Power System Designer tool makes it even easier to specify, analyze and configure complete, multi-output, power systems, with unprecedented performance, efficiency and density. The new enhancements give you greater capabilities to optimize and analyze the power chains you design, giving the ability to look at each output in turn. You can generate a bill of materials and output it to Excel and it’s even possible to order the power components you need with just a couple of clicks.

For more information visit the Power System Designer page, watch the video or try it for yourself.

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