EDN’s Guide to Data Center Power Systems

May 17, 2016

EDN LogoData center design is one of the most discussed topics in the field of power systems development, due to the large amounts of power consumed and the rapid innovation to improve efficiency. This is shown by recent announcements, including the news from Google at the Open Compute Summit, and our support for 48 V in server applications.

Steve Taranovich has written a fascinating overview of data center power design in a recent article for EDN, Data center next generation power supply solutions for improved efficiency.

In this article, Steve covers a range of topics including: the Google data center and the Vicor solution that supports 48 V to the motherboard power systems. The article is a fascinating insight into the world of data centers, and a great read for any power systems engineer who is interested in the way system integrators and power component vendors are solving the challenge of making data centers more efficient.

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