Article in EE Power Explains How to Use DCMs in Parallel

May 24, 2016

EE PowerDCMs are flexible DC-DC converters that can be configured in several different ways to meet the specific needs of each application. In an article for new online power electronics publication, EE Power, Arthur Russell, one of our principal applications engineers, discusses Using DC-DC Converters in Parallel.

The article discusses the challenges power designers face when attempting to connect converter outputs directly. It considers the pros and cons of different approaches including using ballast resistors and diode oring, as well as the challenges of designing control systems to ensure predictable and reliable operation.

Arthur contends that power component vendors can help engineers by designing-in features that simplify paralleling, citing the DCM DC-DC converters that feature a built-in negative slope load line, which acts as if there were a small ballast resistor in the output, without any of the downsides associated with adding resistance.

To find out how to deliver higher currents using arrays of converters, read Arthur Russell’s explanation of how to use DC-DC converters in parallel.

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