White Paper Describes New Bidirectional DC-DC Converter

April 15, 2016

APEC Bidirectional DC-DC Converter White PaperToday many power applications need bidirectional conversion to allow energy to be stored and used at a later time. These applications range from battery applications in hybrid and electric vehicles to UPS, telecoms, fuel cell and solar cell applications in renewable energy.

Typically engineers use two unidirectional converters to achieve bidirectional power conversion. This is inefficient, due to the additional cost and space required by the two separate power chains, as well as lower electrical efficiency, particularly at light loads. A better approach is to use a conversion technology that is bidirectional.

Complete the form below to receive the paper presented by Ankur Patel, one of our applications engineers, at APEC 2016 that describes A New Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Fuel Cell, Solar Cell and Battery Systems, and learn about a real world implementation of 384 V to 48 V and 48 V to 384 V bidirectional DC-DC converter (BDC). This solution provides:

  • Power throughput up to 1.65 kW
  • 5% increase in efficiency at 10% load
  • +3.4% increase at 50% load
  • +1.5% increase at 100% load
  • More than double power density

To get your copy of the paper, simply complete the form below.

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