What’s all this Excitement over 48 V?

April 6, 2016

48 V direct to load and processor DC-DC bannerEfficient, dense, cost-effective and reliable power distribution is a critical element in data centers and other distributed electronics applications, such as autonomous driving vehicles and LED lighting. Although the benefits of a higher distribution bus voltage, particularly 48V, are well known, conventional power conversion approaches have not been able to efficiently, or compactly, transform power from a 48 V bus into the low voltages and high currents required by contemporary CPUs or GPUs.

Our latest generation of 48 V Direct-to-PoL (Point-of-Load) power components allow contemporary low-voltage, high-current CPUs, GPUs, ASICs and DDR memory to be powered off of a 48 V distribution bus, enable unprecedented power density, conversion efficiency and low power system distribution loss.

Thinking about moving to 48 V power distribution? The Vicor website offers a wide range of resources to help you make the transition quickly and easily.

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