Vicor Continues Support for 48 V in Servers and Data Centers

April 18, 2016

At the OpenPower Summit we announced more products to enable the transition to 48 V power distribution in computing applications, launching two new VTM current multipliers. These new power components are optimized for loads that operate at voltages less than 1.25 V and that draw currents of up to 135 A, making them ideal for applications incorporating IBM POWER8 and next generation POWER CPU products.

This announcement follows on from the recent product introductions at the Open Compute Summit 2016, where 48 V systems were given a boost by the donation of a rack design by Google to the project.

OpenPOWER 48 V VicorWe’ve been working with key customers for 4 years, delivering products that leverage the benefits of 48 V hub busses, and this isn’t the first time that our products have been shown at the OpenPOWER Summit: during the event in 2014, OpenPOWER Foundation Chairman Gordon MacKean showed an early system design architecture that Google, was investigating for large scale data centers.

We announced two new products today that both accept an input voltage range of 0 to 60 V, making them ideal for use in 48 V systems. The first has a K factor of 1/48 that produces 1 V output at 135 A from a 48 V bus, while the second component’s K factor of 1/40 delivers 1.2 V from the same input at 130 A. In addition, VTMs are typically able to deliver up to twice their rated continuous current for milliseconds at a time as the output current is limited chiefly by thermal considerations. This enables the VTMs to accommodate transient CPU/GPU operating modes while optimizing system power density and cost.

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