How DCMs Keep Tethered Drones Flying

April 21, 2016

Download this informative paper by Arthur Russell and Alexander Mezin to find out how the compact size and light weight of our DCMs make them ideal for applications such as tethered drones.

dcms for UAVs product application briefDrones, which are also called UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), have many applications: from the latest must-have toy to those uses requiring long flying times, which cannot be achieved with battery power. To achieve extended operation, a cable from the ground to the drone is used to provide power, communications and control.

Using DCMs offers several benefits:

  • They are lightweight and small, which means that the drone requires less power to remain aloft
  • A higher voltage can be used to transmit power to the drone, reducing the size and weight of the tether cable significantly
  • DCMs are a straightforward solution to convert from the higher supply voltage to those needed by the drone
  • The wide input range of DCMs allows them to compensate for voltage drops in the supply cable.

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