Learn How to Design AC-DC Systems Faster

February 17, 2016

Paul Yeaman VicorIn our latest webinar, Paul Yeaman, director of applications engineering at Vicor, will show how Power Component Design Methodology has revolutionized the process of developing a power system, allowing engineers to accomplish what used to take hours of work in less than two minutes.

Why is the process used to design power systems so important?  Because, although the performance of power components steadily improves every year, many engineers still approach power system development in the way they first learned five, 10, 20 or more years ago. Yet engineers are expected to do more and more in less time, yet missed deadlines and schedule slips are more costly than even.

Paul will explain exactly how it’s now possible to dramatically reduce design cycle time. He will discuss

  • Approaching the design of a power system in the most time-efficient way
  • How it’s possible to simplify the work required
  • While making sure your design has the flexibility to meet changes in specifications
  • How to accurately predict the performance of your solution

This will be an important and interesting session for anyone involved in power system design. Which is why we are running the event live twice on March 17, 2016.  Register today at a time to suit you:

Session 1: 8am Boston, 12pm UK. 5:30pm India 

Session 2: 11am Boston, 8am San Francisco, 3pm UK

Can’t attend the live webinar on March 17? Simply register anyway, and we will contact you with details of the on-demand rebroadcast when it becomes available. Don’t waste time. Register now!


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