How Much Pain Do You Suffer When Designing Power Systems?

February 9, 2016

painful-power-designWe all know how some projects are a little more challenging than others. Sometimes things just don’t go right: whether it is unrealistic requirements or constant changes of specifications, there are many things that can cause power designers to suffer pain.

Using conventional power system design techniques, many factors add to the workload and increase the pain that the engineer must go through. We’ve all been there, and feel the pain of using conventional power design techniques in a world where the requirements are unreasonable, the specifications keep changing and your boss continually asks “How’s it going?”

After many conversations with lots of engineers, we’ve come up with a formula that quantifies just how much the power system designer has to struggle for any given project:

The equation for pain suffered when designing power systems

M = times managers spend asking you “how is it going?”
C= technical competence of your manager
D = number of delays to the project
Ns = number of changes to the specification
E = efficiency required (as a percentage)
O = number of power rails/outputs
P = total system power
K = a secret factor that you can only know after years of bitter power system development experience


There is a better way!

Our highly scientific research has found that using Vicor’s Power Component Design Methodology dramatically reduces the pain suffered by power system designers during projects. It reduces the time required to develop power chains and helps eliminate delays.

This flexible approach also allows you to easily achieve your output power and efficiency goals; makes responding to specification changes simple; and enables the addition of more outputs without the need for significant re-design of the power chain. In fact, our researchers believe that using the Power Component Design Methodology eliminates almost all sources of pain related to power system design (except for your boss – we can’t work miracles!).


Try the Power Component Design Methodology today

Use the PowerBench Power System Designer to experience the benefits of the Power Component Design Methodology today. Simply click here to launch the tool and see for yourself the benefits of this approach to developing power chains.



OK, we didn’t really undertake any research. One of our engineers made the equation up when they first discovered the benefits of the Power Component Design Methodology. Although the equation isn’t scientifically proven, designers tell us that using the methodology really does make developing power chains much less painful. So please do try our Power System Designer and let us know if your experiences are similar.


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